Eвропейската алтернатива на Турция е неизбежна и
един ден тя ще бъде неотделима част от Европа като политическо, икономическо и културно пространство!

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Seker Bayram (Sugar Holiday) in Turkey

Seker Bayram, after the fast of Ramazan, is a time for visiting family and eating sweets.

Seker Bayram, or the “sugar festival,” is celebrated by Muslims at the end of Ramazan, the fasting month for Muslims. It lasts three and a half days. It is a national religious holiday in Turkey. Schools and government offices are closed during those days. It is traditional to wear new outfits during Bayram (meaning festival), so parents get new clothes for their children. Many children are excited about wearing their new clothes on the first day of the festival. The house is completely cleaned a few days before the festival.Devam
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